We are pleased to be able to continue our Pre-Professional Program which is unique in BC in that it encompasses many dance disciplines and leads to the dancers finishing with Advanced 2 Tap and/or Modern and the possibility of a teaching diploma.

This year the Program will continue with classes being held during the evening and regular intense workshops on Pro-D Days. The students will be exposed to many different choreographers and will be given numerous performance opportunities. If you are interested in the program requirements or enrollment please contact the office.

The dance year 2006-2007 marked the inaugural integration of this unique Academic Program.

Open to Grade 11, Grade 12 and Post-Secondary students, the Pre-Professional Programme can lead to the I.S.T.D. Associate Teaching Diploma in Ballet, Tap or Modern. There is an emphasis on strong technique and post-secondary dance career exploration.

Any students who are currently at the Intermediate level in dance, and who would like to be considered for this opportunity for the coming year, are asked to make an appointment with Julie Izad. If you have any family members or friends off-coast who may also be interested, they are welcome to do the same, as there is possibility of home-stay.

The Coast Academy of Dance holds ISTD Exams for students, usually in Spring, to evaluate and encourage their progress in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Tap. Students who have undertaken to study the I.S.T.D. syllabus are elligible to take exams if their teacher also agrees that the student is ready!

Please note that not all dance classes are exam classes. If in doubt, ask the teacher or contact the Dance School Office.