Pre-School, Pre-Primary, Primary Ballet

  • Pink Leotards & Skirts (encouraged but not mandatory)
  • Pink or Skin Coloured Tights

All other levels

  • Black or coloured bodysuit (spaghetti or tank styled straps with scoop or simple backs). Exam candidates will need a black bodysuit for examinations.
  • Pink or Skin Coloured Tights
  • Hair in a neat bun with bangs pulled back. If hair is not long enough for a bun, it must be secured and off the dancer’s face

Notes: Warm-up clothes, such as leg warmers and sweaters, may be worn but must be tight fitting and removed once the student is warm. Convertible feet are preferred for all ages, if available in your size. It is important for the teacher to see the student’s backs; “strappy” backs and bulky sports bras make this difficult. Scoop and simple backs are preferred. Please no cap, short or long sleeve bodysuits for levels above Primary.

Tap, Modern and Jazz

  • Modern: All black, fitted dancewear. (Bodysuit, tights, shorts, leggings, tanks. Nothing baggy)
  • Competition Jazz and Jazz Tech: Black or coloured bodysuit or fitted tank with shorts, leggings or tights.
  • Tap: Black or coloured fitted dance attire, no jeans or anything too baggy.
  • Hair: Tight pony or bun (bun always being the preference, especially from grade 6 up).

Hip Hop

Sweat Pants, clean running shoes, and your own sense of style. Please no jeans, or any other clothes that restrict your ability to move and do floor work. Hair must be tied back.


Tight fitting dance wear with hair in pig tails or French braids (easier with floor work). Please ensure that hair is done before coming to class.

Tiny Tumblers

Tight fitting dance wear that is easy to move in, for example a fitted top or bodysuit with shorts, leggings or capris. We ask that students avoid wearing skirts or dresses and that hair is tied back neatly.