• Please strive to arrive punctually with proper dancewear, footwear, and hair grooming.
  • Runners worn in Hip Hop must be clean, and Tap Shoe screws must be securely fastened and checked regularly. All dance shoes must have student’s name in them.
  • Please prepare your young dancers for their dance class by explaining that a dance class is not a playground but a place where the students must follow instructions from the teachers for their enjoyment and safety.
  • All dancers must show attention and respect for all teachers, fellow students and Academy property.
  • No jewelry is to be worn, and no chewing of gum permitted during class.
  • Do not leave valuable belongings in the changing areas.
  • Dressing areas and washrooms are to be kept tidy.
  • No food or drink (except water) permitted in studios at any time.
  • It is expected you will adhere to any rules and guidelines set out by your instructors, remembering that respect for all staff, fellow students, their belongings, and academy property, will be in place at all times.
  • Please inform the office when you are absent.

Ballet Students take note…

Pre-School and Primary students must wear pink bodysuits, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. A pink ballet skirt is preferred but not mandatory. Level one and up must wear black spaghetti or tank styled bodysuits with scoop or simple backs. Level one students may continue to wear pink bodysuits until they have outgrown them. Pink ballet tights, and slippers are also required. Convertible tights are preferred if available in your dancer’s size. Hair must be in a bun, or if not long enough, pinned back off the face.

Parking Lot

Please enter and exit the parking lot slowly and with extreme caution as it is a very busy area. There is to be no parking in front of the Community Services building at the back. Thank you.